What is Swimmerse Payment Term?

Swimmerse collect swim fees every 2 months.

Swimmerse collects $120/S140 every 2 months on Jan, Mar, May, July, September, Nov. (based on $60/mth or $70/mth)
1 Lesson per week, 4 Lessons a month.

Upon the first registration of your child, Swimmerse will also collect a $60 / $70 deposit that will be refunded after 6 months commitment upon withdrawal from school.
You may use the deposit for the last month of school fee if you give us 1 mth notice upon quitting.


 Therefore, you can be expected to pay:
A total of $180 / $210 for first-time registration of each child. (Deposit + 2 months swim fee)



*$60/mth school fees are only for Bukit Batok Swimming Complex

*70/mth school fees are for Sengkang Swimming Complex