Adult Swimming Lessons

It is never too late to start learning how to swim! Swimming is considered a crucial skill that not only comes in handy in leisure or sports, but for lifesaving emergencies as well.

Catering to every skill-level from the hydrophobic to the intermediate swimmers, Bukit Batok swimming lessons will ensure that you start at your level and experience progress

Develop a life skill that will be useful in future! Conquer your fears or refine your techniques as you explore the world of swimming with professional coaching.

We provide adult swim class in Bukit Batok Swimming Complex and Sengkang who are keen to learn basic strokes or simply looking for some advice on stroke corrections. Adult swimming lessons are for anyone above the age of 13. Group classes are available for adults that are looking for some training together with their peers. We provide private lessons as well for adults that are looking for some undivided attention during their swim lesson.

Children Swimming Lessons

We love to see your children splashing around the water with a great enthusiasm!

At Swimmerse, we provide children swimming lessons in Sengkang and Bukit Batok Swimming Complex. From the basics of water safety to correction of swim strokes, our instructors are here to teach your kid everything. Your little ones are safe with us! They will learn the correct technique of each individual swim strokes and that will help them swim better. From being a beginner swimmer to advance swimmer, we provide swimming lessons for your child regardless of their level in swimming.

Our children swimming class in Bukit Batok is recommended for parents who want their children to learn lifelong skills, to overcome the fear of water or simply to keep fit! We specialize in offering your kids the most engaging and quality swimming lesson. Interactive lessons, water games with their peers and professional coaching, we offer everything that will help make your child comfortable with us. Trust us! We will take care of your child as if they are ours and make him/her a competent swimmer.

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Toddler Swimming Lessons

Welcome to the kid’s zone! Let your little ones play with water and learn the basic of swimming!

We provide toddler swimming lessons in Sengkang Swimming Complex and Bukit Batok Swimming Complex that caters to the different level of swimming proficiency. From beginner to advanced level, our instructors will coach your little ones and guide them along to being a better swimmer.

Does your child have water phobia? Don’t worry! Our instructors are patient and friendly. With extensive coaching experiences, they will be able to help your kid overcome the fear of water. From overcoming the fear, the coaches will educate your child on the importance of water safety. The lesson will continue to progress to training up of the water confidence and correcting their technique while swimming.

While being result oriented, you will find that our swimming classes are conducted in a fun and interactive manner. After all, the best way to learn is if the child enjoys the lesson!

  • Result oriented
  • Fun and Interactive lessons
  • Combating water phobia through water games
  • Builds up their water Confidence
  • Increase in Physical and Psychological Development
  • Develops Inner Strength and Stamina

Your child equipped with floatation devices and will constantly be under our coaches’ supervision. We will transform your child’s swimming lesson into a fun and engaging one so that your little one will feel at ease and will look forward to attending their swim classes!

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