Swimmerse Reviews

    I like that the school builds the kids' water confidence in a safe and fun manner. My 3yo is only into his 3rd lesson, and he's not afraid to get into the pool by himself to swim (with the floats of course) when Coach Reave asks him to.

    thumb Eng Kwee Tan

    Was looking for a swimming coach for my young kids , googled and inquiries with a few swimming schools. Only swimmerse allows a free trial and was very friendly over the phone . My kids who are very selective, love the friendliness and patient of the coach !!

    thumb Frey Ng

    5 star review  My 2 girls (4&7yo) are enjoying their swimming class under Coach Reeve and always look forward for the next lesson. Reeve is a very nice and patient Coach. Highly recommend him to parents who looking for a swim school

    thumb Peggy Tiu

    5 star review  My Daughter enjoy learning swimming. Thanks to the sincere swimmerse coaches.���

    thumb Yan Shin

    5 star review  Friendly and patient coaches available for your kids

    thumb Chee Seng Ng

    5 star review  Friendly and passion coaches.. really great to see my 5yo girl building her confident n enjoying herself

    thumb Kenny Tan

    5 star review  Team Swimmerse is fantastic. Coaches Reeve and Edward are committed and passionate about coaching, providing confidence and encouragement for the wards. Thanks to the support staff, administrative matters are well organised and efficient. Glad I found them for my kid who looks forward to the session every time. Altogether, they're 5� brand.

    thumb Sekar Iyer

    5 star review  My son happy to leaning, we can good see improvement. Thanks

    thumb Ram Manga

    5 star review  Reave is the coach you want to have for your children!

    thumb Ottavio Gori

    5 star review  Teacher is nice, my girl enjoy her swimming lesson.. From a girl who used scared to put her head in the water, to now who do not mind puting her head...

    thumb Kimmy

    My daughter really progressed well under Swimmerse coach. They do know how to get kids relaxed and focus on learning. Thanks Swimmerse!! 😊

    thumb Abhishek Joshi

    Good.. Kids are asking when is the next session

    thumb Luan Lili

    5 star review  Coach are veri nice and friendly my kids loves their swimming lesson by their coach. 👍

    thumb Chantel Tan

    5 star review  Reave is a highly active coach and my Daughter pick up faster with this school than the previous coach . Recommended .

    thumb Ramesh Kumar Ramasamy

    5 star review  Has been a month of sending my son to coach Reave. He is always looking forward to his weekly lesson!

    thumb Candy Kwok

    5 star review  Great and patient coaches! My kids (7 and 5 yo) are being coached by coach Edward and he is wonderful with the kids! Thanks swimmerse!

    thumb Jessica Liang

    5 star review  Reave is a very nice coach, he has trained both of my kids and made them good swimmers

    thumb Anjan Chidurala

    5 star review  My 4 yr old Son, Yanbin is learning under Coach Reave. Initially he is terrified of water and also Coach Reave but now he is looking forward to his weekly Swimming lessons . Thumbs up !

    thumb Stella Chan

    highly recommended, patient and handsome instructor.

    thumb Vicki Koh

    5 star review  Excellent instructors. They are experienced and are proficient in guiding students. Recommended!

    thumb Jason Cheah

    5 star review  My Son has flourished under Coach Reave’s tutelage. He was with other Swimming programs for years and was not progressing. With just 2 months with Coach Reave, I see he has become a confident swimmer and learnt new skills!

    thumb Shabreen Begham

    5 star review  Swimmerse is the 3rd learning school/coach my kids had through their swimimg lesson journey and by far the they're the best. Experienced with handling young kids, coach Reave always wears a smile and is always encouraging towards the young ones. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for a swim school for your kids, one they could stick with

    thumb Marie Ang

    5 star review  My kids Kyshinn and Yvette enjoys swimming lessons under coach Reeve. He is attentive and patient towards his students.

    thumb Lorna Koh

    5 star review  My 2 daughters are enjoying n learning at the same time under Coach Reave and Sebastian. They are so energetic when comes to Sunday morning. It's when they are going for their swimming lesson. They are having so much fun. Both coach Reave n Sebastian have so much patience when teaching young kids.Let your kids to join now. They will enjoy too.

    thumb Kelvin Png

    5 star review  Great! Kids love it and asking for more

    thumb Vince Ng

    5 star review  My wife really liked the way of teaching and so comfortable...thumbs up

    thumb Kothandaraman Kesava Radhakrishnan

    They were awesome. Not anymore.

    thumb Rajanikanth Karuvadial

    5 star review  My son is enjoying the lesson & was only 2-3 lesson where he can overcome basic swimming without float. Greatly recommended!

    thumb RT Hong Teo

    5 star review  Can see that the coach is a very patient guy .... he need to handles students as well as parents

    thumb Stephanie Chow

    5 star review  My kids Kristen & Alson love to go every weekend Swimming lesson under Coach Reave. They are enjoyed the lesson although it only one hour. They know how to breathe well in water & not scare getting inside the water anymore. 👍

    thumb Candy Chan

    5 star review  My 4.5 year old boy loves his swimming session. He is very excited to go to his swimming class. Instructor is very patient and good in understanding each kid's potential.

    thumb Divya Kanth

    5 star review  My son loves n enjoys the class immensely.

    thumb Purnima Nistala

    5 star review  Initially my little one was afraid to swim in waters, now she jumps and do laps! Thanks to her instructor whom has been so patient and encouraging.

    thumb Jenny Chew

    5 star review  Nice and patiently coach. Children love the lesson very much.

    thumb Grace Guiying

    Excellent and progressive swimming instructors for kids!

    thumb Moses Huang

    5 star review  My girl has been with Swimmers for more than a year and is now an avid swimmer. Thanks to the patience and the fun learning lesson provided by Coach Reave. �

    thumb Angela Ang Peng Khim

    5 star review  Ok good.

    thumb Edward Lee Unied