The certificates will be ready within 1 – 2 months from the date of assessment.

Please view or download the lastest swimsafer criteria from here

If it rains during your lesson time, Swimmerse will try to conduct land training.
If it rains prior to your lesson time and the pool is closed, swim lesson will only resume when it is safe to enter the pool.

Parents should call the swimming pool to check when the pool reopens.
There will be no make up for classes missed due to bad weather.

No learner is the same, everyone has different learning ability.

Generally, students of 6 years and above take a minimum of 6 months to learn the basics of swimming.

This is why we implemented a minimum of 6 months commitment per child.

Younger child or students with water phobia take a longer time.

Swimmerse students are all expected to bring along their red swimmerse swim cap every lesson.

Students should also bring their own kickboard, goggles and are expected to be dressed in appropriate swimwear.

Parents are also advised to bring some a bottle of warm water to warm the children up in the case of a cold day.

The maximum class size is 10 pax.

57 Anchorvale Road, Seng Kang Swimming Complex.

 Swimmerse coaches are normally stationed in the sheltered learner indoor pool (not the competition pool) for Seng Kang Swimming Complex.

Look out for other learners in red shark swim cap and you will spot our coach in bright orange Swimmerse Vest

 Yes, you definitely do!

 If you refer a friend, you get a month of free swimming lesson!

Swimmerse collect swim fees every 2 months.

Swimmerse collects $120/S140 every 2 months on Jan, Mar, May, July, September, Nov. (based on $60/mth or $70/mth)
1 Lesson per week, 4 Lessons a month.

Upon the first registration of your child, Swimmerse will also collect a $60 / $70 deposit that will be refunded after 6 months commitment upon withdrawal from school.
You may use the deposit for the last month of school fee if you give us 1 mth notice upon quitting.


 Therefore, you can be expected to pay:
A total of $180 / $210 for first-time registration of each child. (Deposit + 2 months swim fee)



*$60/mth school fees are only for Bukit Batok Swimming Complex

*70/mth school fees are for Sengkang Swimming Complex

You can simply register with us by emailing us or calling us at 8588 7867!

 Provide us with:

1) The Learner Name

2) The Learner Age

3) Your Preferred Timing

4) Any water phobia/ prior swimming experiences

5) Your contact details

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us with the contact form on the website.


If you have a preferred coach, feel free to approach us and we will try to arrange for you or your child to be placed in their class.
However, sometimes the coach might be teaching a class of different skill level and it would not be beneficial for you or your child to join the class.


Swimmerse coaches are all certified by Singapore Sports Council and Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association. They are also trained in CPR and AED courses.

The safety and well-being of the learners are the top of our concern.
Therefore, all Swimmerse coaches are hand pick and well experienced.

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