10 Reasons to Join Swimmerse Swim School

Toddler Swimming Lesson Sengkang

There are many varied reasons why your child should start learning swimming if he or she haven’t already!
By giving your child the chance to learn to swim, is reducing the risk of drowning which is still one of the most common causes of accidental death!
Therefore, being able to swim is of a paramount importance and essentially, a skill that will save their life.


Of course of that being an essential skill, swimming is lots of fun for people of all ages.
To add on, swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep your children healthy and happy at the same time.

Perhaps now you see the importance of learning swimming, but who should you learn it from?


Let’s explore 10 reasons to learn swimming from Swimmerse Swim School.


Reason #1

Swimmerse have been around for more than 10 years! When it comes to the coaching of swimming, you can be assured that you or your little ones are in good hands.

Reason #2

Despite already being certified to teach swimming, the instructors in Swimmerse does not stop their pursuit in honing their coaching skills! Our coaches have gone through other training and attained swimming certifications such as Austswim certifications in water safety and infancy skills.

Reason #3

The swimming fee is competitively priced! Swimmerse offers one of the most affordable swimming lessons in Sengkang. We believe that swimming should be made available to all learners, at no expenses of the lesson quality.

Reason #4

Swimmerse conducts our swimming lesson is a different and interactive way. We do not believe in military style training nor mundane swimming lessons. After all, all children love to have fun and so do we! Swimmerse coaches know how to interact with you little love ones so that they learn while having fun during their class.

Reason #5

Swimmerse conducts 3 swim test per year. Swimmerse aims to send your child for Swimsafer test thrice per year in order to help your child validate their skills. Swimsafer is a national water safety program developed in order to raise the standard of swimming proficiency. You can read more about Swimsafer here.

Reason #6

Swimmerse is well liked by our learners and parents. Read up on our review here and see why other parents are happy with us!

Reason #7

Swimmerse provides free swim cap for all new learners. Swim caps help our coaches to identify Swimmerse student during class. More importantly, Swimmerse’s swim cap is extremely well liked by our little learners!

Reason #8

Swimmerse conducts classes during weekend and weekdays. You can be assured that you will be able to find a timing that is suitable to your schedule. Swimmerse also conducts both group and private class to tailor to different needs.

Reason #9

Free trial class available! We understand that parents would usually like to try out a swim class before committing for the lesson. After all, learning to swim is a mid to long term commitment. Therefore, we do provide a trial lesson for all our learners. Should you feel that the lesson is not suitable, there will be no charges!

Reason #10

Swimmerse have 4 coaches and you can be sure to find a coach that you and your little one prefers. Swimmerse have both male and female coaches that are ready to help your child in their journey in learning to swim